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RLS and IBS connection?

I have had RLS for 37 years. It has worsened with aging, I have it every night now, I’m 67. Has anyone else noticed your RLS symptoms worsening if you have Irritable bowel? I am taking 700 to 900 milligrams of gabapentin before bedtime and it usually works for me unless I have digestive issues. Please let me know if anyone has this experience and if you have a solution? I’m so worried it is going to get worse or the gabapentin will stop working.

  1. This is my relief
    Watch "Get Back to Sleep and Fall Asleep FAST, Guided Sleep Meditation" on YouTube

    1. Yes guided sleep meditation videos can be of help, I am glad to hear that it works for you.

      🥄🦄 Ray (Team member)

  2. it's the same here. I'm up now, fell off about 9 and up at midnight from pain. Neuropathy in feet and hands is MADDENING. I take 3200 mg gabapentin every day, 800 mg of that at bedtime. It helps, as it's totally unbearable without it but it's not great even with it. They refuse to give me the previous dose my previous Dr had me on who is now retired, 4,000 mg a day. Even a slight increase would help but they won't do it. My morphine, fentanyl and oxycodone from the past 50 years is now gone and I was started on this at age 16, Vicoden starting out and gradually increasing to heavier doses and drugs. I am a shell of my former self without the OPIATES, as they were all that let me function since I was a kid. Now I'm totally bedridden and only have gabapentin which isn't nearly enough to ease the pain in my legs. Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and CFS has devastated me since I was 10. I'll probably make it to 100 and hurt every day of my life so bad I wish for death. It would have been a much better life having less severe pain and living only to 60. Now I'm 61 and am ready to go on to whatever is next. I'd much rather live with QUALITY of life and not QUANTITY if it means living the way I have with godawful pain like mine. My legs won't be still, they are in SEVERE pain, twitching and spasms and horrible cramping every night. I only want peace now.

    1. Hi @annlizardlover!
      I loved reading about your lizards! Pets truly do provide a level of comfort and support. It is awesome that you create stories about them! Can you share some pictures of your reptiles? I would love to meet them!
      Catherine (Team Member)

    2. Sorry for the late response.
      I am so sorry your medical journey has been so rough on you, no one should have to go through what you have had to. You are an incredible warrior for surviving this far, especially since losing your main pain relief medications.

      I'm not sure if you are able to try to get a new doctor or not, I know it's not always an option. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be that the doctors aren't treating you right.

      I'm not sure if medical marijuana is legal where you live, but if it is, are you able to try it to see if it can help you live with less pain and more quality to your life?

      🥄🦄 Ray (Team member)

  3. Thank you for sending the information! I’m going to read it today!

    1. I have RLS and IBS, but the RLS came long before the IBS. I notice many of my other health issues, including a flare-up of IBS contribute to my RLS symptoms. I think the best solution, though maybe not the easiest, is to try to keep the IBS as under control as possible, rather than having to up or add medication for our RLS. I know what foods I shouldn't eat, but sometimes I just can't help myself, and then I suffer. I hope you get relief soon 😀

      1. Hi Dawn, my RLS began 25 years but has worsened with the onset of IBS 6 months ago. I am focusing on eliminating foods that could possibly cause my IBS with no success so far. Thank you for response!

      2. I was 9 or 10 when RLS first reared it's ugly head. I was 23 when I got IBS, most likely due to having my gall bladder removed. There are certain foods that I have heard may help people who suffer with RLS but because of my IBS, I can't try them.

        I haven't really noticed my RLS flare up when my IBS does.

        It can be hard finding out what foods to eliminate due to IBS & others that are obvious. There are times when even my safe foods can cause me pains, heck even times when just water can do it.

        I wish you all the best in your journey

        🌈🦄 Ray (Team member)

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