Community Views: Favorite Alternative Treatments for RLS (Part 2)

Alternative medicines are an often overlooked part of modern medicine. People can be quick to commit to prescription medicines, which can be expensive and may come with a host of side effects.

Another option is to explore actions you can take before committing to prescription medicine. Alternative treatments are often very affordable and easy to try. To find out what alternative treatments are working for you, we reached out to community members on our Facebook page and asked: “What are the best alternative treatments you have tried to manage your RLS symptoms?

We received a big response from community members, so we split your many answers into 2 articles to help readers learn more about the different alternative treatments that are helping you. Be sure to check out Part 1!

“I take a shower at night.”

Hot showers and baths are known to help relax the muscles. There are doctors who absolutely support this treatment, stating that the hot water helps. Heat, whether from water or a warm compress, can help distract the muscles from the tingling sensation of RLS. One nice benefit of this option is that hot water is almost always available.

“I take Ibuprofen, then stretch the legs and take a shower at night. Sometimes I have showered in the middle of the night, like at 2 am.”

“I soak in the bathtub for about 20 minutes and it goes away.”

“I like rubs like Zanaflex and Icy Hot.”

Menthol, the ingredient in a lot of muscle-relaxant rubs, can relieve muscle cramps and aches. These types of medicines dull pain and desensitize nerves. It is an incredibly popular remedy shared in the community, and at such a low cost, is often worth exploring.

“I use Theraworx Relief. It helps.”

“I like rubs like Zanaflex and Icy Hot.”

“I use Blue-Emu topical cream and a heating pad.”

“I use compression leggings at night.”

The pressure of compression socks and stockings can stop that tingling sensation that many with RLS experience. As a bonus, they help increase circulation. They are a great option that starts working immediately, without visiting the doctor, or high out-of-pocket costs. Likewise, weighted blankets can also cause a similar effect, and also provide an emotional benefit as well.

“I use compression leggings at night.”

“I place a bar of Ivory soap under my sheet.”

There is little scientific evidence backing this alternative treatment, but a whole lot of anecdotal evidence. Some believe that magnesium in the soap transfers to the legs. Some people place the soap at the foot of the bed or simply under the sheet. It seems like a longshot, but enough people with restless legs swear it helps. Plus, it is one of the cheapest options going. If anything, it will give you a good story.

“I place a bar of Ivory soap under my sheet. It is an old wives’ tale, but it works.”

We want to say thank you to everyone who shared what is working for them. We love when the community comes together to offer solutions so more people can benefit from shared experience. Thank you!

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