My Fabric of Choice

As I am laying in bed writing this, I thought I would impart some knowledge regarding fabric. Last year, after masses of nagging, my husband surprised me with the biggest thing in duvet cover fashion (yes, it is a thing!), a teddy bear cover, complete with a fitted sheet.

If you are unaware of what a teddy bear cover is, shame on you! Are you not keeping up with the latest bedding trends?! Lol, it is a fleece material duvet cover. Simple as that! Good old marketing professionals make it sound the best thing since electric heating pads!

Excited for my new duvet

I was excited to cuddle up with my soft, fluffy duvet. Having stripped my bed, with the amount of stress usually reserved for pitching a tent, I got my fitted sheet onto my bed.

Added information: my bedroom is the smallest room, with a double bed placed in the corner, with just enough space remaining for a chest of drawers. Making my bed is like a challenge in the Krypton Factor (a British game show that apparently was made in America in 1981 and 1990)!

The fabric made my symptoms worse

After the familiar creeping wound its way up my legs earlier in the night, I was not enthralled to be heading to bed, but I was looking forward to seeing if the fleece material might soothe me, allowing me to sleep. Clambering in, I snuggled down with the feeling of warmth and peace surrounded me.

For a matter of 5 minutes.

Then the most horrendous thing happened! It made my symptoms worse! I began doing the RLS Hokey Cokey! Arms and legs in and out of the bed, the fabric felt like hundreds of little needles sticking into my legs. You can imagine how happy my long-suffering husband was about that.

A less prickly alternative

Once I had sacrificed the cover to the Devil to ensure my bed had not been forever cursed, I bought a new Teddy Bear duvet cover. "Will you not learn!" I hear you exclaim. Ahhhhh, worry not, dear reader, I bought a different manufacturer!

This one has fleece on the top of the cover, but plain fabric on the underside. Therefore no annoying acupuncture dreams in my future.

Finding the right bedding

What I am trying to say is do some research before buying something new to add to your bedding. As it (hopefully) spends a vast amount of time close to your skin, make sure it is not an irritant; that's the last thing you need.

Just to add a little side note to the whole bedding saga, I recently had to buy a new fitted sheet for my bed. As the sales were on, I treated myself to an Egyptian Cotton 230 thread count. Oh my Lord, it is the best thing I have ever laid on! If you can find one you can afford, invest. It may help you if you are having a restless legs syndrome attack.

Do you have a preference when it comes to your bedding? Have you found that any type of fabric aggravates your RLS? Is any type more comforting? Tell us in the comments below!

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