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Happy Fourth Birthday, RLS Community!

I can’t believe it’s been four years since this support group was created. I have learned a lot about Restless Legs Syndrome since becoming a writer and later a moderator for this support group. I also feel like I am better able to advocate for myself because of this support group and the community we have here.

How the community helps me

One of the best results is that my ex-husband learned to advocate for himself by watching me and listening as I read him stories from other advocates on our site. I have read how others advocate for themselves and it is inspiring. The tips and advice on how to advocate for oneself  have been very beneficial to many.

Finding strength in numbers

I have been sharing my journey here for two years now and this support group is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year. I think it’s always neat being near the beginning of the start of something so major. Getting to see its growth and how many people we have helped over these last few years has been really great. Slowly as word gets out, we get more people who come to us for support and to read stories from others who suffer with RLS so they don’t feel so alone on their journey. I myself have felt less alone because aside from my mother who I am no longer in contact with, I don’t know anyone else with RLS.

RLS can be a particularly hard disease to live with since many people struggle to understand what we go through living with these symptoms. That’s why I am so glad there is this wonderful little community. We can take comfort in the each other and in knowing that this community knows that it’s not all in your head.

Learning from one another

One of the most helpful things I learned about RLS was by reading an article someone else had written. They had mentioned how they experienced a really bad RLS attack after having general anesthesia. Later, the author learned that there is a type of medication given with anesthesia that doesn’t cause RLS to flare up. Thanks to that article, when I had my most recent surgery, I knew to mention to the anesthesiologist that I have RLS. They made sure to give me the best medication for my needs. Considering I was going to be traveling on the road for seven hours after the procedure, I was very happy to not have my RLS raging.

Thankful to be here

I am so grateful that I was sharing my health journey online a few years ago because it has ultimately led me to this wonderful opportunity to help others, and gifted me with an amazing support group at a time when I really need it in my life. There is a long road ahead of me filled with loneliness as I embark on this journey of separation from my husband. I take comfort in knowing that at least I have this community. This is a journey that I have chosen not to take alone and I am much better for making the choice.

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