Sexing Your Way to Better Sleep

As someone with a combination of restless legs syndrome (RLS), restless genital syndrome (RGS), and chronic insomnia, I’ve almost tried it all. Today, I’ll be talking about one of the "not talked about enough" reliefs – orgasm.

Now, sex is a topic not often discussed openly in many cultures. However, it could be a major player when it comes to easing RLS and other sleep disorders.

Sex is different for men and women

However, I believe this has been known to work better for men than for women. I think the reason for this is simple – men seldom have sex without orgasming, whereas many women are well-versed in faking orgasms.

This could either be due to cultural/religious reasons where women, for the most part, may be taught that being sexual or simply talking about it is immoral. It could also be just to assuage her partner's ego.

The dopamine effect

So perhaps it’s not sex that helps, so to speak, but the ability to achieve an orgasm during sex, thereby releasing a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is released when we do things that feel good to us. In this case, having an orgasm. An orgasm can be achieved by various ways, during penetration, through masturbation, through oral sex.

No orgasm, no RLS relief?

If you have sex with your partner and they have an orgasm but leave you hanging, they fall asleep, and there you are unsatisfied, unable to sleep, and legs that just won’t quit!

This would most likely ensure your partner doesn’t get any sleep either, which leaves 2 cantankerous people and would most likely have a negative impact on your relationship.

4 tips to improve your relationship (and your restless legs)

Here are a few tips that you may find helpful.

  1. Have a heart-to-heart with your partner. Let them understand how RLS works to the best of your ability because no one can fully understand unless they experience it. Let them take their time to also ensure your pleasure as well as theirs.
  2. Not everyone can achieve orgasm with a partner, so learn your own body and find what works, then you can share this with them.
  3. If it works for you, invest in a toy or 2 that gets the job done. For people with RGS, this may work because our “state of horniness is almost mechanical” and not sexual at all, so a quick orgasm helps for all of 5 minutes which is a billion years in the RLS/RGS world.
  4. And lastly, for people who can’t orgasm at all, a sex therapist might be something to explore just to see if there are any underlying issues that are preventing you from achieving an orgasm.

Have you found a connection between sex and restless legs syndrome relief? Please share with us in the comments below!

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