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Wow, What a Great RLS Month!

I have had RLS for so long and so severely I can’t quite comprehend not having it anymore. Nothing seems to even have much impact long-term. But my medication helps moderately so that it isn’t extremely painful — at least until I get used to that medication and have to move on to the next.

I had a very good month in terms of my RLS

Last month came as a very pleasant surprise when my RLS was extremely good. Some days it wasn’t even present at all. This is such a profound relief, just being able to go to sleep without that constant aggravation, and then also to stay asleep without, again, that constant aggravation. Or to even have my evening disrupted when it comes on early. Or going out someplace and having to sit in one position for too long and being driven insane by it, such that I must rapidly shake my legs or feet or even hands to just get some modest relief. Didn’t miss that.

It still occurred, but not every day, and very mild symptomatically. So much so that I rarely needed to even take my medication. With mild symptoms, just my old stand-by method of shaking my legs while trying to fall asleep was sufficient. It was truly amazing. Not having to take my medication every day in maximum amounts has been great, too, because it delays the time when I will get used to that medication.

Why have I had milder symptoms lately?

I began to really wonder why it was so much better. Clearly, if it was something I was doing, or not doing, I would really like to know so that the effect would persist.

I really can’t figure it out. I haven’t changed my diet or vitamins. My lack of sleep and the lack of that sleep's quality is exactly the same. And lack of sleep is a massive trigger for me.

It could just be a random stroke of fate, just a random thing that happened. But you’d think it was something that impacted it positively, since so many things impact it negatively. Right? And that potential thing was something I really wanted to figure out. But, nope — I didn’t.

My RLS came back, but not as severely

It definitely occurred to me that it might have spontaneously gotten better and was just going to stay that way. Which was an awesome idea. I mean, it spontaneously got way worse... so why not way better?

But then, boom; it was back again. I never did figure out the reason it vastly improved, but since it came back, it hasn’t been as severe as it can be. It is still in my arms, legs, feet, and hands. It still occurs during the day as well. It just isn’t the same severity. It isn’t at that painful level that makes it impossible to sleep. And I do not need the max amount of my medication to deal with it most days. Some days I do, but not every day.

A possible explanation

So, something changed. I just have absolutely no clue what it is.

The only change I can think of is that since I broke up with my ex and moved, I haven’t been eating as much sugar. Since I do my own shopping, I simply do not buy things I don’t need. But if yummy yummy snacks are there in front of my face every day, yeah, I’m going to eat them.

But now they are not, nor do I really crave them much without them constantly there in front of me. That could be one reason for sure. I certainly hope this persists.

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