A Life of Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless from an early age

My mother (RIP) told me she first noticed I had RLS at 4 yrs old after being sent home from kindergarten. The school said, "your son is too restless & disruptive." I am now 74. I have lived with RLS every day. If my activities were mind-stimulating, I would function just fine until my mind wandered and I became so distracted & dysfunctional that I was often removed from class. I was very good at industrial arts & became a qualified toolmaker by 20 yrs old.

Searching for answers

There was no RLS back then just a bad sensation in your legs, arms, chest, yes my whole body. After immigration to the USA, I sought some answers by finding a specialist in the field of RLS. After several meds, we found one that worked 95% of the time and I have been on it now for nearly 30 yrs.

RLS is always with me

Here's what I have found, it's hereditary. My whole family & children suffer from RLS. It's with me all day but worse in the evening when I try to relax. It follows me around like a bad dream with several specialists giving up saying there's nothing that I can do. I have found an adrenaline rush will stop it instantly. Keeping my mind active keeps my RLS at bay. My art & machine shop help me from insanity but my restless nights take a toll on my near-perfect marriage now heading towards 30 years.

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