Darn These Legs

Greetings, I'm Ray.

I live with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) & have since I was a kid. I can't recall the exact age it started but it was between 9 & 11 years old. My mom just said it was growing pains and left me to suffer on my own.

For a couple of years, as a teenager, my RLS didn't really affect me. It wasn't until my health took a dive after my gall bladder surgery that it started to bother me again.

This time, when I talked to my mom about it, she said that I had RLS, just like she did. I thought about it and it did sound right so I talked with my GP about it. He said it sounded like RLS and left it at that. There was never a discussion about getting a diagnosis or treatment.

It wasn't until last year that I got my official diagnosis of RLS through a sleep study. I was also finally prescribed medication and told to take magnesium to help. I also follow the sleep guidelines, no screen time (including phone) an hour before bed. An hour before bed is wind-down time, where I either listen to relaxing music or meditate. I try to have the same bedtime and time I awake each day, but it's hard to do when living with multiple diseases.

What was your RLS diagnosis like? Share with the community in the comments below.

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