My Restless Journey

A short circuit of interrupted connections, a knee bounces of its own accord. I’m not involved at all. Any attempt to control is useless. It simply gives out and vibrates then bends and kicks, 45 degrees at least.

I hate it. I’m so tired. I just want to sleep. My back is aching. My whole body is exhausted. And the flutter continues. Like being given an electric shock. No warning. Just random zaps.

Possessed by a demon, bent on reducing me to a beaten mush.

Helpless to engage in the simplest activities.
Fully and completely overtaken.
Possessed by an unpredictable urge,
a twitch shudders my calf,
the leg swings free, egg-beater-like as I sit and type.
Whoosh, the leg
dances in useless movement

Suddenly, for no reason my hip is restless.
A restless hip will not sit still
The muscles lurch on their own
Tighten and tremble
causing a very unladylike undulation

My body is tired and ready for sleep.
Yet the legs quiver in restlessness,
they refuse to be still.
My blood stirs, my mind quavers.
A demon within me cries for my attention.
It teases, plays havoc with the gnome of intentions.

Doctors say, what a shame.
Try this.

For a while, the demon lies low,
then flairs up like embers stomped out before sleep.
trembles like harp chords dance whirling, deranged.

I try, oh I try.
Deep breathing,
This demon possesses, leaving me
at the mercy of an invisible tyrant, under sneak attack.

perchance to dream, to laugh
at your best intentions.

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