My RLS and RAS, and Possibly Some Help for Others Suffering!

I went to several doctors with my symptoms before finding one that diagnosed me right away with restless legs syndrome (RLS) and restless arms syndrome (RAS). I tried all the RLS medications and they all made me violently ill!

Trying RLS medications

I was on a high dose of clonazepam at the time (6 mg), and that was the only thing helping. Then my psychiatrist retired and I was put with a different one. She lowered me to 5 mg. When she found out I was using it a lot for the RLS, she dropped it to 3 mg. I was in a panic and have continually done research for anything and everything that would help me!

Finding the right supplements for me

I finally think I have found the answer. For some time now I have cut way down on caffeine, don't eat chocolate or hardly any sugar! I have tried so many supplements, but I am finally down to 1 episode a night or none at all.

This is what I take for medications as well as supplements that seem to help with my RLS and RAS. In the afternoon around 3 PM, I eat a little something and then take ashwagandha, then an hour before bed I take 3 magnesium L-threonate. Half an hour before bed, I take probiotics that have a strain that works for RLS, as well as 2 low dose aspirin and 2 mg clonazepam. If I forget to take the ashwagandha or the low dose aspirin, I have RLS and RAS again usually within 2 hours of going to bed. If I remember all of these, I don't have any problems at all.

Oh, and I make sure I take my B complex every single morning with niacin, as that helps, and I take a large dose of vitamin D3 with K2 with my dinner as well as other supplements to help with my osteoarthritis and other health issues.

Hoping to help others

I hope this continues to help me and hopefully it could help others! Unless you have this condition, no one understands how absolutely miserable it is! The lack of sleep and the stress of it gets to a point where you are so miserable and exhausted! I hope this will help someone as it has helped me!

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