Crazy RLS, Crazy Me

I am now 50 years old. It's only been maybe, from memory, the last 7-8 years that my legs sometimes started feeling like light pins and needles from my knee down. My worst night I have ever had lasted for 3 nights just walking in circles on the floor rug. I'd be so exhausted that I'd sit in the recliner, raise the foot rest, and cover my legs with a sheet. I couldn't stand it any longer, so I just had to keep walking. By morning I finally had to go to bed. I have been taking Gabapentin at night, but later it's not working that well anymore. My left leg is worse than my right. My left leg is tingling now as I write this. It's driving me crazy. I have just taken 1 25mg nerve tablet that my housemate has. Maybe it will help. I just want them to stop. I am sick of having to move them all the time.Also when my legs are bad it goes into my hands up between my shoulder blades and up my neck can't stand it when it gets this bad. I am going to try magnesium and iron tablets to see if they help, but will have a blood test done first to see my levels.

Good luck to everyone who suffers from this.

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