My Story: Spinal Stenosis and RLS

Here is my story. I am 74 years young. I must have had RLS in college since I remember my father, a physician, giving me quinine tablets without much luck. I guess they continued on and off but got especially bad after I graduated nursing school and started working.

Trying Vitamin E

I met my future wife in 1977 and I can remember having a discussion with her mother, a very wise lady of Irish descent about RLS. Vitamin E she said. Take Vitamin E and so I did. I think I probably started taking about 800 iu at bedtime. That was my routine for over 40 years. If I missed a dose, I paid for it.

Spinal stenosis and RLS

Fast forward to about 2 months ago. I have spinal stenosis that has gone from moderate to severe. Suddenly, my RLS is back at night and when I sit too long. Nothing is helping it except just letting run its course. I am sleep-deprived and there is no rhyme or reason for which nights it appears. I have read that my spinal stenosis affects the nerves in my legs and the worsening of the stenosis could cause the RLS. I am awaiting surgery on my back and hopefully, that will not only fix my back but also help my RLS. Stay tuned.

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