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Augmentation and dilemma


I have been living with Rls since an incident at 12 years old. I broke my teeth on a stone, twisted my cervical spine, which resulted in the activation of different conditions like Rls, bruxism, constant headache and insomnia.

After half a year of constant pain and restless nights I finally got to discover cannabis, on a party, and felt in love with it. For the very first time in about a year I could sleep over a night and wake up rested and repaired.
I’ve been now medicating myself with cannabis for 17 years, 29 now. The effects of cannabis aren’t as efficient for sure and Rls seems to be increasing also..

Life is getting complicated right now, since the Rls turned into restless arms and chest.
Symptoms seems to be increasing since I’ve been back in the city of Brussels, my home town.
I used to live in Mexico for two years where symptoms seemed more manageable, the traveling state had a lot to do with it I guess.

But the feeling I had, mostly in my legs before, is now spreading towards my hole body sometimes..happened on my birthday three days ago where I felt like my body was boiling all over. My heart felt restless most than anything else which feels so alarming. The restlessness is every hours now at least and I’m scared for my future with such heavy symptoms at 28. What is it going to be like when I’ll be 40 ?!

I’ve been back in the city for two months, and things gets out of control right now because of the debilitating state I’m always in, out of sleep deprivation and trying to help me sleep with cannabis, which I smoke with tobacco also.
I know tobacco is suppose to trigger Rls but it helped me for years, and seem to have losen in efficiency now. I’ve tried quitting so many times but the symptoms always get me back to smoking because it’s easier.

I find myself in a dilemma about rather staying in Brussels city or going back to puerto Escondido in Oaxaca Mexico. The contact with nature seem to ease my nerve system and calm Rls, when city’s overload of stimulus and concrete all over makes it harder to self care.

It’s an important choice for me because leaving my home town had been escaping before, I came back to check if I could integrate again after working on myself for two years in Mexico but Rls are just insane over here. I mean that leaving would equal, this time, to leaving my family and friends because I can’t seem to function in their environment..

I’m not expecting anyone to decide for me, I needed to write this down and share my experience with people who might live the same situation and relay.
But if anyone reading this has found a long term solution other than lab medication I would love to read about it.

Ps: on question would be if anyone experience symptoms like I described above ? Is it still restless legs ? Because it literally felt like something (energy-like) was taking over my heart, shaking it.. let me know ! 😀

Thanks for reading,
With love,

  1. My heart goes out to you, Bryan ( ). What a difficult situation. We are not medical experts, so please take that into consideration when you read whatever responses you might get, including my own. Do you qualify for medical care in Brussels or can you afford it? The cause of restless leg syndrome is unknown, but many people seem to develop it after a back injury and some who have had surgery for other reasons on their lower back have found their RLS resolves. For that reason, I would urge you to see a neurologist in Brussells and to address any lingering damage to your spine. Despite all that we know, the nervous system is really still a mystery. It's possible that your accident damaged a nerve that caused your symptoms and that the damage is worsening as you age. Even if the back issues are not to blame, a neurologist can give you medication that will calm your nerves, allowing you to sleep, especially now that canabis and tabacco are no longer helping. A brain MRI might also provide some answers and a better route to treatment. I hope you get more input here from others, but please keep us updated if you don't mind. Sending the very best of all wishes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

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