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Can Orgasms Help Manage RLS Symptoms?

I have been thinking about writing this piece for some time, not for 'smutty' reasons, but purely for the relief that can sometimes be gleaned from it.

Let's discuss orgasms. As we all know, they release endorphins (feel-good hormones) that can help with pain, stress, and sleeplessness. This is the exact reason why they can help our brains reset in the midst of a horrendous RLS attack.

RLS symptoms can make it difficult to enjoy 'personal time'

While I understand that it can be nigh impossible to get out of your head when you're feeling more inclined to saw your legs off at the knees, give me a chance to change your mind.

The depth of a restless legs period is all-encompassing. The last thing you want to do is sit or lay still whilst trying to distract yourself and divert your thoughts.

Relationships versus singlehood

There is nothing better than somebody else taking the reins during some personal time. Even when you find yourself not in a relationship, it is not always necessary to dive into the filing system within your mind to find your favourite lad or lady. Thankfully, sites on the internet can be helpful when you need a little help or cannot bypass your RLS symptoms to focus.

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For single sufferers, or for those who may not want to give that part of themselves to their significant other (just because you are in a relationship does not necessarily mean you want to be sexually intimate with them or masturbate in front of one another), there are always helpful sex toys and aids available for all genders.

Achieving orgasm can be difficult for some people

Achieving orgasm can be a task for some, especially during menopause or for those suffering from complex medical conditions. Unfortunately, we are often left relying on stretching our muscles out, trying hot or cold therapy or massage, or using some warming oils that can help in conjunction with massages to destress our tense leg muscles.

Relying exclusively on solo play may also not be ideal for some people in relationships, as it can diminish the closeness you can feel between yourself and your partner; also, it is not always possible.

Additionally, if you take certain types of pain relief medications or antidepressants, they can affect your libido, making it impossible to orgasm even with the best will in the world.

RLS symptoms can be difficult to explain to your partner

Sexual intimacy can be something that severely suffers when you deal with RLS on a regular basis. We find ourselves strewn on sofas, pacing hallways, or blearily watching box sets from the lounge whilst wearing a groove in the laminate flooring.

It can be discouraging to have to explain to your significant other night after night that you cannot lay there, still, and cuddle. I wish that there was a way to have our significant others experience what we deal with nightly — like the TENS machines they use to help men experience labour!

Does having an orgasm make your symptoms better or worse?

If you can orgasm yourself to feeling reduced stress, quietening your brain, and bypass RLS symptoms by drifting off to sleep in the sweet spot immediately post-spasms, then tell all your friends! Or keep it to yourself as your own 'personal' secret!

Nevertheless, pop onto this post and tell me if this strategy made things better or worse. (Please don't let it make things worse!)

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