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Trust in Magnesium

I don’t know why I’m so bad at taking vitamins. I’m a pretty responsible person. I floss (sometimes). I keep my house clean (kinda). I keep my kids alive (so far) and fed (if they let me). I pay my bills on time, meet work deadlines, and am a reliably punctual person. But I’m terrible at taking vitamins.

Why I take vitamins

I’m supposed to take fish oil to keep my good cholesterol high. I’m supposed to take vitamin D because I live in the cloudy, rainy Pacific Northwest and am consistently deficient. And, of course, I take the magnesium to help with my restless legs and body aches.

I frequently 'forget' my magnesium

I take the fish oil and vitamin D in the morning with my breakfast. I usually do it. I take my SSRI and my magnesium before bed. I always take my SSRI. I withdraw without it and get anxiety attacks. I frequently “forget” my magnesium. It’s right there. I’m not really forgetting it. I’m just not taking it.

Part of my reticence is that it’s a big, chalky pill and it often takes me 2 tries to get it down. The other reason is that I forget that magnesium works for me. It’s one of those things that works not magically, but enough that you only notice it worked in the past when it’s out of your system and you’re suffering.

What happens when I miss my magnesium?

I stayed overnight somewhere and didn’t take my vitamins with me. I also had neglected to take the magnesium the night before and the night after I got home. Imagine my surprise at my terrible night’s sleep. I cursed myself as I tossed and turned. Why didn’t I just keep up with the magnesium?

As I walked my dog around my hilly street the next day, I cursed myself doubly. My tired legs were aching and tight. My body hurt and I simultaneously felt the lumpiness of inactivity. I was fatigued on the first hill and was embarrassed by my huffing and puffing after such a short walk. It’s all my fault.

Trusting in magnesium for my restless legs

Magnesium isn’t magic. It does work for me, though, however subtly. I need to trust that my doctors and other RLS sufferers recommend it for a reason. Even though it doesn’t work with the undeniable power of an SSRI or benzo, it does work for me. It does help.

I need to trust in magnesium, and I need to use my obsessive punctuality as an example of how to stick to my vitamin regime. I just remembered...I didn’t take my morning vitamins. I’ll do it now. Better late than never.

Do you take magnesium? Can you relate to sometimes "forgetting" to take it? Do you notice any effects? Share in the comments below!

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