The Truth of It All

I have a condition called restless legs syndrome. It also has another name: Willis-Eckbom disease.

'How bad could this be?'

The latter title tends to get attention, since it carries an impressive weight, but is relatively unknown to most people. The term "restless legs," however, garners a ho-hum response. How bad could this be? More a nuisance than a condition. Like a nose that twitches, or perhaps an annoying song that you can’t get out of your head.

Some home remedies don't work for me

Often remedies are offered like toppings on a pudding. Put a bar of soap under the sheets in your bed. Ivory works best I hear. Drink tonic water. I’m here to tell you neither work for me.

I long for sleep

Medications are available, and I’ve used them, slowly building the amount in relation to the increase in the wiggles and agitations in my body. I cannot sleep or sit down. So I walk the floor. I read while holding the bannister so I won’t lose my balance. I clean cupboards as I stand. Mend clothes or iron. And I long for sleep.

RLS can impact our mental health

This doesn’t happen every night, all night. But there have been many nights when I do not sleep. The best thing for me has been a forum on Facebook. There I learn of others who walk the floor, who are so depressed they are despairing. As I read, I learn the primary causes of death among those with restless legs is heart attack or suicide.

We need sleep

This condition is a shift in life that eats at the basic awareness that sleep is necessary and healing. I know I need sleep. If I could, that is exactly what I would do.

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