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Bed Partner

Do you sleep with a partner at night or have you had to sleep apart due to RLS?

  1. We have a spare bed for situations when my RLS is really bad or when one of us is bothered by the other one snoring.

    1. , that is a great idea! Cheers, Dawn (Team Member)

  2. Thanks for sharing Sam, makes sense to get a spare bed just in case. It is hard to sleep with someone else when you are having RLS symptoms I can imagine! Warmly, Kristin (Team Member)

    1. My husband & I share a bed. There have been times in the past where I had to get out of bed so I wouldn't disturb him. I have debated sleeping on the couch before but I know I would have issues sleeping there. My hubby & I have talked about having a spared bed in a spare room in the next place we get

      1. Working out those sleeping arrangements can be difficult. My husband and I still share a bed but I’ve definitely thought of moving to separate beds at times!

        Simone (RLS Team Member)

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