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4 Reasons You'll Love Our Biweekly Newsletter!

Last updated: March 2023

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Why should I subscribe to the RLS community newsletter?

Here are just 4 of the many reasons why we think you'll love our restless legs syndrome newsletter!

1. You'll stay informed about the latest news, research, and treatment options

At RestlessLegsSyndrome.Sleep-Disorders.net, we track drug approvals, academic and medical research, the latest trends, and current events. By subscribing to our newsletter, you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and research affecting the RLS community and learn more about managing this condition.

2. You'll be notified of events, promotions, and giveaways

Whenever there's an exciting opportunity to participate in an awareness event, giveaway, research project or survey, or any one of the many ways our subscribers and members benefit from being part of our community, you'll be among the first to know! Past giveaways have included gift cards, clothing and gift items, sleep-enhancing gadgets and app subscriptions, and more!

3. You'll find many ways to connect with others living with RLS

Every edition of the newsletter has something for everyone – from new and well-loved articles by our Community Health Leaders and forum discussions on important topics in our community to personal stories submitted by our members. There are many ways to connect with others living with RLS to share and receive information and support.

4. You'll have your voice heard

Tell us what life is like with RLS by participating in our polls, forum discussions, and surveys. We'll always have a community poll in each edition of our newsletter to help us listen to our community and hear your perspectives on important topics related to living with RLS.

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