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Any new treatments and if not, pull away beds?

Hello all!

My husband has fairly severe PLMD. He is treating his apnea, but it has not helped the movements. He has been on Pramipexole for years, but the PLMD is getting much worse, and he really doesn't want to up his dose on that med or any other meds with potentially high side effects. I've briefly read about something you can put on the bottom of your foot or a vibrating device for the back of your leg. Has anyone tried these with success? If not, any other drugs or supplements with less side effects? Lastly, if nothing has helped, does anyone have a suggestion for a sleeping situation that doesn't involve separate rooms? If I could find a bed that we could pull apart easily when needed that didn't break the bank, it would be a win!!

  1. Hi . I have been thinking about your situation. Have you considered a trundle bed? A trundle bed slides under another bed and slides out when you want to use it. You would be a bit lower than your husband, but still next to him in the same bedroom. Just a thought. I hope all is well. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi . I am so sorry your post went unanswered for so long. It just popped up on my feed today. I hope you have found a solution by now but if not, here are a few articles that might help. This article is about devices that can help calm the nerves: This is about alternative treatments and supplement for Restless Legs Syndrome: I would imagine they would help with PLMD as well. I am not familiar with any beds that pull apart. My only suggestion would be two twin beds that you can push together or pull apart, or possibly a king or queen bed for the good nights with a twin bed in the room that your can move into on his restless night, maybe even a Murphy bed. I hope this helps and that he gets some relief. Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

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