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Cold Feet

Does anyone experience their feet getting cold when the RLS starts? I have had RLS for about 15 years and this just started about 6 months ago. If I put my feet under a heating pad it helps.

  1. When I first started getting it, my feet and hands got hot and I would often sleep with my feet out of the I can’t get my feet warm. Not sure if it is the RLS.

    1. I am sorry to hear about this change. Have you spoken with your doctor about it?

      🥄🦄 Ray (Team member)

  2. I decided to do some reading up on this again and came across this: (I used "find in page" to get the this part)

    "In the 1940s and 1950s, Ekbom remarked that RLS symptoms commonly cooccur with complaints of cold feet, which he hypothesized shared a common pathophysiology in vasoconstriction given his experience that vasodilatory agents brought relief"

    🥄🦄 Ray (Team member)

    1. I'm 70 and have had RLS for at least 15 years; maybe longer; that was when I first determined that the discomfort I was experiencing was not normal. Cold feet, particularly the toes, was first. I noticed it at bed time, resulting with difficulty in falling asleep. The same feeling would at times crop up when I was doing desk work, prompting a stroll for relief. Even with pramipexole doing a fair job of muting full blown RLS symptions, I still feel a need to keep my feet/toes covered, including wearing socks to bed, regardless of the ambient temperature. In fact, as I am writing this my toes on my left foot have a mild cold sensation, even though my legs are currently symption free. I can't say this cold feeling is defiantly RLS, as it doesn't always manifest along with common RLS symptions,

      1. Hi , I'm so sorry you've been experiencing this! I'm sure it's been a really frustrating symptom. If you haven't already, we definitely recommend sharing this symptom with your doctor! Please keep us in the loop. Best, Allison (Team Member)

    2. You really have me wracking my brain trying to recall if my feel have ever gotten cold when my RLS starts acting up. This is a good question.
      I have issues with my feet getting cold but I honestly can't recall if it happens when my RLS starts to act up. I'll try to pay attention over the next couple of days to see if I notice that happening or not.

      Everyone experiences RLS differently so you may be in a unique situation that not many experience. I don't know. Have you been able to bring this up with your doctor since it started?

      🥄🦄 Ray (Team member)

      1. I haven't mentioned it but will the next time I see him. It hasn't always happened but I have noticed it in the past year.

      2. Yesterday, when my RLS started acting up, I noticed my feet were cold. I don't recall if they were cold before the RLS started acting up. I'm going to keep paying attention to this.

        Good luck with your doctor. If you feel comfortable, can you update us afterwards?

        🥄🦄Ray (Team member)

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