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Hi, I have just found this group😬
I’m really struggling at the moment, the symptoms are terrible and have been for months. I have lived with RLS for 40 yrs or so. I’m taking meds but need to take more and more for any relief.
It’s really getting me down, I could scream, I worry about relaxing in the evening as things are so bad, my face itches and my arms twitch as well.
I’m sorry to whinge but I’m really don’t know where to turn 😢😢

  1. Just checking in with you. How has this week been? Please know that you are ALWAYS welcome to share here, and it doesn't have to be perfect or positive. Whining, or just having a bad time, is perfectly acceptable here. We promise! -Melissa, team member

    1. Hi . Welcome to the community. I'm glad you found us, especially now when you really need support. Forty years is a long time to suffer with RLS. Has there ever been a time when medication helped? Is it possible that you are experiencing augmentation? Here is an article about it that might interest you:
      Have you seen your neurologist since the symptoms have worsened? If not, please contact your doctor immediately and let the doctor know how seriously this is impacting your mental health. If it becomes unbearable, go to the ER. They might be able to give you something that eases the symptoms temporarily. They will also be able to perform tests that might take weeks or months to schedule through your primary care doctor or neurologist. The mental health impact of RLS can be just as life-threatening as any physical effect of any other illness. Don't be reluctant about going to the ER simply because you can't take it anymore.
      Here is an article about treatments for RLS: and here is one that focuses specifically on home remedies: Hopefully, you will find something in the articles you haven't tried yet that helps.
      Use the "search" option as well to find some of the stranger alternative therapies and remedies that have helped others. For all we know about the brain and the central nervous system, it is still largely unexplored territory. People in this community have found all kinds of strange remedies from charcoal and mint toothpaste rubbed on the legs to pressure applied at pain points to daily doses of allulose. You never know what might help.
      I wish I could give you better answers, but I hope some of this helps and that others chime in with their own experiences. Please keep us posted. I will be thinking of you. I hope tonight is a better night. - Lori (Team Member)

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