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Sit awhile and chat.

Greetings and welcome.😁
This thread is for people to share how they are doing and it doesn't have to be related to RLS. Think of this as a form of self-care. How you doing? Having a bad day? Let us know, maybe there is a way we can help brighten your day. (Have you seen the video of the Grandma reading 'The Wonky Donkey'? You'll be laughing hard for sure)

You can also share with us pictures you have taken.

Got a song that is like an anthem to your life or how you are feeling right now? Please feel free to share it here too.

I hope that this place will feel safe enough for you to share with us. We very much appreciate each and every single one of you.Me as a bitmoji holding a sign, judgement free zone

  1. Happy humpday!

    I'm sharing this photo I did in black and white. It's of a bee checking out a sunflower🐝

    Hope everyone is hanging in there.

    🥄🦄 Ray (Team member)
    black and white photo of bee and sunflower

    1. I'll start. (You don't have to share as much as I am right now)

      Today is a good day. I have a tele-appointment with a gland specialist to talk about how I don't have salivary stones so it must be the salivary glands causing agony.

      Back in February, I brought a couple of jewels that were in earrings and a necklace, to a jeweler to have them made into a ring to honor my two miscarriages. I got the call today that the ring is finally done!

      Plus, it's Friday!

      I'm going to share my newest anthem for my life song. 'Free' by Florence and The Machine

      As it's Pride Month, I've included this picture of me as a Bitmoji wishing a Happy Pride to everyone who celebrates. 🎉

      🥄🦄 Ray (Team member)
      Me as a bitmoji wishing Happy Pride

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