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Getting enough sleep - any advice? Stuck with to little sleep most of the time

I developed restless legs syndrome rather suddenly (not sure how common that is) in the middle of lockdown (I think the doctor was thrilled to deal with something other that covid). I went from sleeping normally to 5-10 minutes a night in about 4 nights.

I take I think 2mg of ropinirole each night, and from about 6 months later cyclizine (required every night of I don't want to vomit).

So my concern, is that the length of time that they can keep me asleep has reduced over time. I can't sleep without them (I have to be incredibly tired to sleep during the day, usually the legs start after 30 minutes or so).

My concern, is that I'm reaching a point where they generally can't keep me asleep more than 7 hours and that's a fantastic night. Usually I'm lucky with 6.

The problem is, that doesn't seem to be enough physically- I'm constantly tired.

Any ideas? Even an extra reliable 30 minutes would probably make a difference.

I don't smoke or consume any caffeine ever.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, particularly from people who have managed to work out ways to sleep longer. I should also say, an added bonus of cyclizine is I often fall asleep very very fast. Exercise helps with falling asleep, but doesn't help with starting sleep any more

  1. Thank you very much, I will look over there resources over Christmas, and talk to our gp when we get home.

    1. Thanks for the prompt response. I'm afraid I reached out because my doctors reasons was we've got it as good as we can get it (unfortunately the same response I got from my consultant about the continuation of the headache from the hydrocephalus).

      Augmentation is something I've considered (getting used to ropinirole over time, and I'd effect reducing over time), and indeed that is part of the reason that I reached out - of I "augment " any more I can't see me surviving on less sleep.

      I'll talk to me doctor about your suggest, thanks

      1. Hi, If you don't find the points on your leg where the sensation
        comes from you won't get on top of it🤔


      2. Hi Howard (). Thanks for chiming in with support. It is important to remember that although this method worked for you, it might not be effective for everyone else. Until we find the cause of RLS (There might be many different causes.), it's difficult to find one treatment that helps everyone. It sure doesn't hurt to try it though. Warm wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

    2. Hi . Welcome to the community! RLS is a strange condition. The cause is unknown, which means treatments that help some people might not help others. The good news is that there are a lot of things you can try to lessen your symptoms. Many people get relief from ropinirole, but it can lead to augmentation, making symptoms worse. We are not medical experts, so we can't say that is what is happening for sure, but it would be worth talking with your doctor about it. Here is an article about one advocate's experience with augmentation that might interest you: There are alternatives. Here is a list: You can also try some non-medical treatments that might ease your symptoms: I hope this helps and that you get relief and more sleep. Keep us posted if you don't mind. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

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